Finding out what I like using Trello - Part 1 – May 11, 2015

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Part 1: Visualizing the data

I use Trello everyday to organize my personal life. I have been using it for more than a year, especially to log and organize articles and videos found on the Web.

Recently I have decided to compile a list of stats to learn more about myself, my reading habits and what I really like.

The first part of the analysis focuses on visualizing and understanding the data.

Everything is explained in the following Jupyter Notebook. Go and check it out!

Finding out what I like using Trello - Part 1 (Jupyter Notebook)

Next steps

There is many more advanced things to do from here:

  • More elaborated stats.
  • Given a link, title and labels for an article, predict when I will read it.
  • Cluster articles and links by similarity, as another way to visualize data.

Those are just ideas at the present moment. I will share my next findings in a future “Part 2”!

Happy reading.

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