Plotting Music Events Locations on a Globe – January 09, 2016

javascript data visualization

Here is a project called Music Globe.

Search for an artist, a band or any entity giving concerts and it will show you the locations of where they performed.

This project was made quite some time ago, but I wanted to log it to this blog.


I needed a tool to have an idea of where my favorite artists play live. The data is for most of them accessible on websites like Bandsintown and SongKick, but it comes as a list of events sorted by date.

That tool shows the same data but in a more visual way.

Go have a look there!


Paul Kalkbrenner Live Performances

Ben Klock Live Performances

Quick presentation at Foo Café for Demo Dag Malmö:

That’s it

That’s all I got for today.

I personally use it pretty often to look at the artists I would like to see live one day. It gives a better idea of where they play, which could be useful for planning trips and vacation.

The project is on Github, check it out for the source code and technical details.

You can also find it on the Chrome Experiments website, in the WebGL Globe section.

Let me know if you like it, and feel free to contribute or give feedback!

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