Here is a list of the games I made at game jams. Keeping the idea of learning something at every game jam, I always focus on a new concept I want to implement and learn. This is what I call achievement.

Nordic Game Jam 2017 – 21-23 April 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark

SUPER SQUARE, by Daniel Murray, Jeremy Tuloup

2D p5.js

SUPER SQUARE is a game where the player navigates colorful puzzles by rotating the board matching colors with tiles at boundaries.


First use of the p5.js framework, which is very easy to use to make graphics.

Global Game Jam 2017 – 20-22 January 2017, Malmö, Sweden

Wave ohoy, by Hussein Taher, Gustav Bok, Gustav Jansson, Márk Mészáros, Mattias Wendt, Jeremy Tuloup

Music Unity Multiplayer

Wave ohoy is a cooperation game designed to be 4 players only. Pirates must survive the waves on their boat and make smart use of physics to help each other!


This time, the goal for me was to exclusively focus on the audio. I created the main track with Sonic Pi as well as a few other sound effects.

Nordic Game Jam 2016 – 08-10 April 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark

L3-AK, by Maria Liljenhjerte, Dharam Kapila, Daniel Murray, Jeremy Tuloup

Chatbot Python Telegram

L3-AK is a chatbot based game, fully playable within the messaging app Telegram.

A robotic rover was sent to space, and it is now time to establish the connection again. The goal is to help the robot take decisions in the course of the search for water, and hopefully find signs of life!


We wanted to experiment with a new concept of text-based game. But instead of having to have to launch a separate game, with its proper UI and interface, we decided to make it part of a tool most of us use daily: a messaging app. So once again, a new concept being tested at a game jam :)

Making this game was a good opportunity to experiment with this kind of idea. But it was also interesting technically. The game is purely driven by the server and fully powered by the amazing Python eco-system.

Walkthrough video

Spoiler Alert! The following video reveals the entire story, so feel free to try the game before if you don't want to be told the end!

Arabic Game Jam 2015 – 22-24 May 2015, Malmö, Sweden

Glyph Hunters, by Abdelilah Sawab, Frej Rokka, Hussein Taher, Jeremy Tuloup

Web Javascript Multiplayer Phone controlled

Glyph Hunters is a multiplayer game playable in a web browser with a smartphone as a controller.
Scan the QR code or enter the URL to join the hunt for the glyph.

The game is meant to run forever on a shared screen. People passing by can join at any time by scanning the code. They can also leave without interrupting the game.

We really thought this game had the most interesting use of technology, and could develop to something bigger

Jury's words


Players join the game by just scanning a QR code. The same QR is then used to generate the map. Use of an homemade network library called jammer to handle the networking part of the game.
In the end, we delivered something close to a proof of concept of what an "always on" game can be.

Nordic Game Jam 2015 – 06-08 February 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark

Bomb the Giraf, Magnus Nilsson, Dharam Kapila, Niels Böttcher, Richard Adem, Jeremy Tuloup

Multiplayer Asymmetric Gameplay Unity

Bomb the Giraf is a game with an asymmetric gameplay where a team of 3 must protect a giraffe from the bomber and get it to safety.

Check the game webpage for more details!


Atypical gameplay. Use of a keyboard and a Xbox 360 controller simultaneously. Each key of the keyboard is mapped to a position of the map. Hitting the key make a bomb appear at the corresponding location.

Global Game Jam 2015 – 23-25 January 2015, Malmö, Sweden

Piper: Escape The Box, by Emilia Lindholm, Hussein Taher, Dharam Kapila, Jeremy Tuloup

Unity Google Cardboard Puzzle Game

Piper: Escape The Box is a 3D puzzle game, using virtual reality mechanics and made to be played on Android with a Google Cardboard.
It is also possible to play the game on pc with the mouse.
You are in a box, with a lot of cubes. Most of the cubes are blocking your way out, but one of them seems anxious to get out. So the question is: what do you do now?.

Most explorative game

The organizers

The theme was: What do we do now?

We decided to put a lot of constraints to improve our creativity. We limited the input to the motion sensors only, so the game stays accessible and also because the cardboard doesn't provide a lot of options except one button.

The game has three levels. We chose to keep it short to put the focus on one feature that makes the game different compared to the others: the use of virtual reality with the cardboard.


First time making a VR game, using the Google Carboard.

Arabic Game Jam 2014 – 23-25 May 2014, Malmö, Sweden

TwinFusion, by Jaffar Salih, Samanta Miszkiel, Erik Nilsson, Dharam Kapila, Jeremy Tuloup

Web Javascript Multiplayer Voice Recognition

We made a social party game that can be played by 4-24 players simultaneously. It is playable on a web browser which acts as a shared screen for all the players. The players use their smartphones or tablets as game controllers.
Once the game starts each player is represented by a tiny “djinn” on-screen. The players do not know which djinn belongs to them and must start moving around to figure out who they are. Once their identity is known, players have to find the djinn matching their color and merge with them and form a bigger djinn. This bigger djinn is controlled by both players and they must co-operate to get to the exit portal once it is revealed. Players can bump into each other to knock opponents off their path.

Great networking x 2!

Jury's words


Local multiplayer game, using smartphones as controllers. A shared screen displays the main stage, the "arena".

Here is a video featuring the game in action in front of the ~70 people audience.

Global Game Jam 2014 – 24-26 January 2014, Malmö, Sweden

The Douche Of Wall Street, by Hussein Taher, Hanna Holmgren, Kunal Luthra, Jeremy Tuloup

Unity 3D AI

If you feel bad, you're a good person. If you feel good, you're a bad person.

The Team
Yes that's how we can summarize our game. Just play it.


First-person game. Very simple crowd simulation using Unity's Navmesh and pathfinding.

Indie Speed Run 2013 – 20-22 September 2013, Malmö, Sweden

Mundane, by Jonathan Hansson, Christian Grimberg, Eric Eneback, Jeremy Tuloup

Web Java LibGDX Pixel Art

Mundane is a game about waiting for the bus. No really, it's true. Explore your surroundings, the people and conversations around you and live your life through their stories and personal achievements.

Public transportation was our theme, Motion sensor our element. Yes.

Once again, this game jam was the perfect occasion to try out a crazy concept. And people seem to like it!
Here is review of the game published on


Implemented dialogs for the discussions between NPC. Timeline logic for the game.

No More Sweden 2013 – 19-21 July 2013, Malmö, Sweden

Smuggler's End, by Kunal Luthra, Jaffar Salih, Samanta Miszkiel, Erik Nilsson, Torsten Hansson, Jonathan Hansson, Jeremy Tuloup

Unity 3D Reverse Tower Defense

Smuggler's End is a mobile game where you play the part of a smuggler collecting cash to repair their truck-ship.
It can be viewed as a reverse tower defense game , where you drive along a procedurally generated track, collecting cash and avoiding turrets.


Procedural and infinite track. The turrets and boosters are placed on the track depending on the current level / difficulty.

Arabic Game Jam 2013 – 24-26 May 2013, Malmö, Sweden

Together We Grow, by Hamid, Kunal Luthra, Jaffar Salih, Samanta Miszkiel, Erik Nilsson, Torsten Hansson, Jeremy Tuloup

Unity 3D Procedural Generation Runner Mobile

A 3D runner game, playable on mobile devices using the accelerometer.
Team up with your plant and collect the items to gather culture!

High quality artistic and technical craftsmanship. Captivating gameplay!

Jury's words


Only programmer in the team, and second game with Unity. Implemented a procedural generation algorithm to simulate the infinite map.

Ludum Dare 26 – 26-29 April 2013, Malmö, Sweden

Too Many Items, by Jeremy Tuloup

Web 2D Pixi.js Minimalism

A minimalist survival game!


I did everything by myself: code, art and music, although the graphics stay simple and the music minimal.

Global Game Jam 2013 – 25-27 January 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden

Lune 29, by Daniel Kvarfordt, Jonas Wickerström, Jeremy Tuloup

Unity Top-down Survival Heart

The theme was Heartbeat, and we made an horror stealth survival on a moon!


This was my first game made with Unity. During the jam, I mainly focus on the enemy behavior and navigation, using Unity navmesh and path finding tools.

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